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Customized Services

If you don’t need our full package of management services, we offer management systems to suit your needs:

If you want a standard total management agreement where you may travel the world trouble-free and know that your earnings will be deposited each month in your bank, we’ve got it.

“Since we live in another state, Brian and his staff watch over my property so we don’t have to worry about it. I can relax knowing that Brian and his staff are on the job!”

Maintenance Only:
If you have an arrangement with your tenants to have their rent payments automatically deposited in your account each month, but are stressed out with repair and maintenance requests and the occasional “midnight phone call”, we can provide a maintenance only agreement with a set monthly fee.

Accounting Only:
Conversely, if you have a system whereby repair and maintenance requests are satisfactorily handled by others, we can set up an accounting-only agreement by which we will collect rents, pay bills you have approved, send rent increase letters, pay interest on security deposits, and prepare monthly reports which will be accompanied by distribution checks.
If you have a small high-end property and need only to have vacant units leased, we have one of the City’s top leasing agents who can work with you. You would need to take care of turning around the vacant unit. If you prefer, we could manage the turn-around for an additional fee.

“Because Ramsey Properties is managing my properties they have allowed me to retire early and enjoy my retirement. I trust them to do whatever has to be done on the spot.”
-Client, Cynthia Bonelli